Janchi Guksu

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Janchi guksu is a Korean noodle dish made with wheat flour noodles, anchovy and sometimes also kombu. Beef broth may also be used for the anchovy broth. It is served with a sauce made from sesame oil, soy sauce, and small amounts of chili pepper powder and scallions. Thinly sliced fried egg, seaweed, and zucchini are added on top of the dish. The name originates from the Korean word janchi (“feast” or “banquet”), because the noodle dish has been eaten for special occasions like wedding feasts, birthday parties. The word guksu means “noodles” in Korean.

Here is another version of janchi guksu.

Kimchi Janchi Guksu



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Japchae is ordinarily made with cellophane noodles made with sweet potato starch. It is a cuisine made by frying cellophane noodles with shred meat, carrot, spinach, mushroom, onion and sesame oil. Sesame seeds are usually put on top of Japchae. Sometimes Japchae is ordered as main dish, but in Korean cuisine, Japchae is usually eaten as side dish.


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Bossam is a kind of  ssam( a Korean cuisine putting rice or meat on vegetables) by putting  boiled pork on lettuce. Usually, people sell it by classifying the meat into small, medium, and large. Koreans usually have bossam with soju(crude form of Korean hard liquor).


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Teokbokki is distinguished by the tteokbokki that uses hot pepper paste to make it spicy and the the tteokbokki that uses  soy sauce. The former is called the snack bar tteokbokki and the latter is called the court tteokbokki. Tteokbokki originated from the court which did not have the spicy taste. The tteokbokki that has spicy taste uses hot pepper paste and sugar to  make tteokbokki spicy and sweet. Different regions put ketchup, pepper or mustard. There are a variety of ttoekbokkis that uses different seasonings.

Seafood Tteokbokki

Court Tteokbokki

Korean Food in Paris

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Korean food is spreading throughout Paris.  The French people who enjoy Korean food say that Korean food has a wide range of tastes and it is healthy. According to a waitress at one of Korean restaurants, 80% of the customers are non-Koreans. Currently there are about 100 Korean food restaurants in Paris and is going to increase.

And it’s not just in Paris. There are numerous Korean restaurants in the United States as well. The Newyorkers enjoy pumpkin porridge and those living in Los Angeles enjoy spicy food.