Jumeokbap(Rice ball)

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Jumeokbap’s origin is not known. But it is estimated that jumeokbap originated from war times or traveling. At a time when people needed something to eat but did not have the conditions to cook.

In Korea, people used to eat jumeokbap when there was not enough food to eat. People agglomerated rice into one ball and ate it at war times.

For this reason, jumeokbap was considered as the symbol of hard times. However, today jumeokbaps made with a variety of ingredients and spices have appeared as restaurant’s main dish. 

Here are other kinds of jumeokbaps.

Kimchi Jumeokbap


Tuna Jumeokbap



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Bibimbap is distinguished by regions and ingredients. Although each region has different traits,  Jeonju Bibimbap is considered as the most famous. Recently, as people’s diet becamse westernized, fusion bibimbap (which uses a variety of ingredients) appeared  and bibimbap became a tourists’ food.