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Gangjeong is a fried glutinous rice crackers with sesame or beans.



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Yakwas are cookies made with flour, sesame oil, honey, rice wine, cinnamon and geinger juice.

Jumeokbap(Rice ball)

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Jumeokbap’s origin is not known. But it is estimated that jumeokbap originated from war times or traveling. At a time when people needed something to eat but did not have the conditions to cook.

In Korea, people used to eat jumeokbap when there was not enough food to eat. People agglomerated rice into one ball and ate it at war times.

For this reason, jumeokbap was considered as the symbol of hard times. However, today jumeokbaps made with a variety of ingredients and spices have appeared as restaurant’s main dish. 

Here are other kinds of jumeokbaps.

Kimchi Jumeokbap


Tuna Jumeokbap

Kimchi bokkeumbap

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Kimchi bokkeumbap is a variety of bokkeumbap (fried rice dishes), a popular dish in Korea. Its name is literally translated as “Rice mixed with Kimchi”. Kimchi bokkeumbap is made primarily with kimchi and rice,  along with other ingredients such as diced vegetables or meats.

Here are other “kimchi bokkeumbap”s.

Kimchi cheese bokkeumbap


Kimchi shrimp bokkeumbap


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Gimbap is a korean cuisine by rolling seaweed, rice and other filings together. It is especially convenient when eating while traveling so people enjoy it when going on a picnic or a trip. 

Although there is Hutomaki in Japan which also uses seaweed and has fillings, Gimbap has more and various fillings. Gimbap is eaten by cutting into small sizes.

Here are other versions of gimbap.

Pretty Gimbap

Pretty Gimbap


Nude Gimbap


Bulgogi Gimbap


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Bulgogi is made beef or pork. The one made with pork is called pork bulgogil. For Bulgogi, tenderloin or sirloin is appropriate because these are good for broiled food.

Putting soft meat that has been minced and has been mixed with refined rice whine for a while will animate the effect of enzymes and the meat more softer. After mix by putting  minced green onion, garlic, ground sesame mixed with salt, pepper powder,  and sesame oil all in one bowl. Then stack the mixture for 30 minutes and roast it.

Here are other food that used bulgogi.

Bulgogi burger

Bulgogi rollsBulgogi Rolls


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Bossam is a kind of  ssam( a Korean cuisine putting rice or meat on vegetables) by putting  boiled pork on lettuce. Usually, people sell it by classifying the meat into small, medium, and large. Koreans usually have bossam with soju(crude form of Korean hard liquor).


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Teokbokki is distinguished by the tteokbokki that uses hot pepper paste to make it spicy and the the tteokbokki that uses  soy sauce. The former is called the snack bar tteokbokki and the latter is called the court tteokbokki. Tteokbokki originated from the court which did not have the spicy taste. The tteokbokki that has spicy taste uses hot pepper paste and sugar to  make tteokbokki spicy and sweet. Different regions put ketchup, pepper or mustard. There are a variety of ttoekbokkis that uses different seasonings.

Seafood Tteokbokki

Court Tteokbokki


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Tteokguk is Korea’s traditional food.  It is made with rice cake that is cut into certain sizes. Koreans usually put meat and eggs as side dish. In Korea, it is traditional to eat Tteokguk on New Year’s day. Koreans believe that  eating Tteokguk makes you a year older and it brings you good luck.


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Bibimbap is distinguished by regions and ingredients. Although each region has different traits,  Jeonju Bibimbap is considered as the most famous. Recently, as people’s diet becamse westernized, fusion bibimbap (which uses a variety of ingredients) appeared  and bibimbap became a tourists’ food.

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