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Gimbap is a korean cuisine by rolling seaweed, rice and other filings together. It is especially convenient when eating while traveling so people enjoy it when going on a picnic or a trip. 

Although there is Hutomaki in Japan which also uses seaweed and has fillings, Gimbap has more and various fillings. Gimbap is eaten by cutting into small sizes.

Here are other versions of gimbap.

Pretty Gimbap

Pretty Gimbap


Nude Gimbap


Bulgogi Gimbap



Posted in Food by pianist93 on January 11, 2010
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Bulgogi is made beef or pork. The one made with pork is called pork bulgogil. For Bulgogi, tenderloin or sirloin is appropriate because these are good for broiled food.

Putting soft meat that has been minced and has been mixed with refined rice whine for a while will animate the effect of enzymes and the meat more softer. After mix by putting  minced green onion, garlic, ground sesame mixed with salt, pepper powder,  and sesame oil all in one bowl. Then stack the mixture for 30 minutes and roast it.

Here are other food that used bulgogi.

Bulgogi burger

Bulgogi rollsBulgogi Rolls